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When you need to catch every word... 

We specialize in state-of-the-art  hearing aid technology where you hear less noise and more conversation

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Unsure about hearing aids?

Hearing aid rentals now available!

Hearing aid rentals are a great opportunity to try hearing aids for a while before making the commitment to purchase! 

You are just one quick hearing test away from taking home the latest in hearing aid technology. We customize premium hearing aids to match your hearing loss and you have the opportunity to try the latest in hearing innovation when you need it most!

The Journey to Better Hearing Starts Here

Book a hearing test. The test will determine your hearing thresholds and will indicate if you need hearing aids or whether your hearing is within normal limits.

Hearing aids will be professionally programmed, if aids are recommended, and fit to your specific needs. In certain cases, such as work related hearing loss, veterans affairs, or ODSP we assist with all applications and paperwork if necessary.

Wear hearing aids for a week and test them out in various listening environments. By day 3 everything should sound more "normal" and you really start seeing the benefit where listening just becomes easier.

At your follow-up appointment we will see how the week went and determine next steps.  You are free to return them at no cost to you, try a different product, rent them monthly while you take time to decide, or purchase.  Step 5: Book follow-up appointments to make adjustments to the hearing aids as you adjust slowly to the new sounds you have been missing.


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Audiology at Angus Health Centre

Angus Medical Hearing is independently owned by Leila Hess, BHSc HIS, and has been serving Angus, Borden, and surrounding areas since 2016, 


Originally located across the street next to the Dollar Store, Angus Medical Hearing has found its new home within Angus Health Centre at 18 King St. Angus

Why Angus loves Angus Medical Hearing

We're not happy unless you're happy

We have affordable options for all hearing losses and lifestyles

We program hearing aids for maximum comfort so you can gradually adjust to hearing the sounds you've been missing

In house financing for ease of payment

Direct billing to WSIB, DVA, ODSP, and Greenshield

We're always there for you! Reach a licensed clinician anytime by texting or calling (905) 929-HEAR (4327)

Specialists in Hearing, Experts in Listening

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Our Team.

Where better hearing begins; with care and service.

Contact Us


Angus Health Centre

18 King St.

Angus, ON  L0M 1B2



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Areas Serviced

We are located in the heart of Angus to service the community in hearing health care as well as surrounding areas. We serve patients from Borden, Alliston, New Lowell, Brentwood, Grenfel, Ivy, Lisle, Essa, Baxter, Everett, Mansfield, Creemore, Utopia, Mulmur, New Tecumseth, Wasaga, and surrounding areas.

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